I am Marcus

Web developer from France currently located in Rouen.

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My skills


With an artist's flair and expertise in Figma, I design distinctive, user-friendly interfaces that captivate your audience. Let's collaborate to transform your digital platforms into visually appealing and engaging experiences.


As a dedicated web developer, I breathe life into websites and applications through user-friendly interfaces. I address your unique challenges, provide logical solutions, and craft attractive digital platforms. Let's collaborate to create a remarkable web experience.


Leveraging Symfony and Node.js, I create robust, efficient back-end solutions that power your digital platforms. Let's partner to build scalable systems, tailor-made to your needs for smooth operations..

My Projects

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Marie Communication

Built with Webflow for my client, a communication freelancer who needed a portfolio, Marie communication provides a platform to showcase her projects, offering a seamless and enjoyable way to explore her work.

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Wisdom is an innovative training website created with Vue and Node.js. It offers varied categories for learning, providing a unified and comprehensive learning experience.



A project created with React, offering a platform to explore and learn about different Pokémon, facilitating engagement and discovery.

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Allô Movie

Created with React, Allô Movie uses a film API to offer a platform for discovering and exploring movies, making the search easy and entertaining.


My Hobbies

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Video games

I've been passionate about video games since my childhood, especially J-RPGs like Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts.

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I have a deep appreciation for films, enjoying various genres and eras. My interest ranges from classic cinema to the latest blockbuster hits.

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Comics have always fascinated me, from iconic superhero tales to intricate graphic novels, offering a unique blend of art and storytelling.